Tales That Tell: Moral Devastation & Original Sin in Literature (Pt. 3)

  • 06:00 PM

The Catastrophe of the Self: Walker Percy on Sin and Transcendence

Throughout his writings, Walker Percy explores modern man’s catastrophic failure to understand who he is. This talk will explain Percy’s diagnosis of this catastrophe–its nature and causes–and various false avenues of escaping it.  We will pay particular attention to how Percy’s understanding of the spiritual crisis of modernity–a crisis of self-knowledge– plays out in his science fiction novel, Love in the Ruins.

About the Speaker:

Jennifer A. Frey is currently an assistant professor of philosophy at the University of South Carolina.  She received her BA in from Indiana University in Bloomington Indiana, and her PhD at the University of Pittsburgh.  In 2013 she was Collegiate Assistant Professor and Harper Schmidt Fellow at the University of Chicago.  Jennifer’s research interests lie at the intersection of ethics and action theory.  She is the co-editor of a collection of essays on virtue titled, Self-Transcendence and Virtue: Perspectives from Philosophy, Psychology, and Theology, which is forthcoming from Routledge.  She also has publications in The Journal of the History of Philosophy, The Journal of Analytic Philosophy, and in numerous edited collections.   She is the recipient of several grants, including a major research project awarded by the John Templeton Foundation, titled “Virtue, Happiness, and Meaning in Life.” She is currently working on two more book projects, including a monograph titled, “Action, Virtue, and Human Good.”



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