Soli Deo Gloria Sacred Art: Catholicism and Craftsmanship

  • 06:00 PM

If you’ve been to the CIC recently I’m sure you’ve noticed the beautiful, richly engraved religious woodwork that we have available. We are excited to announce that craftsman John McCarthy will join us to discusses the artistic techniques, advanced technology, and the historical and religious symbolism that each piece of his work reflects.

In the meantime, you can learn more about the process and the inspiration behind John’s work by visiting his website here.

About the Craftsman

 John McCarthy, a retired U.S. Coast Guard officer and combat veteran, is a lifetime woodworker, model-maker, and woodcarver. In 2001 he earned an MS degree in information technology from Syracuse University and became interested in the use of laser technology as a woodworking tool.  Creating at the intersection of these interests, Mr. McCarthy formed SDG in 2014 after being deeply moved by the exquisite line art images created by the renowned Church artist, Redemptorist Friar Max Schmalzl. To pay homage to “Brother Max” and other Religious artisans, Mr. McCarthy’s artistic goal is to bring their beautiful images off the page and into the home in forms that are artistically pleasing, spiritually moving, and devotionally enriching.

“I feel very blessed to have found a way to uniquely serve God and work creativity with both my hands and quite literally the ‘pure light’ He provides!” JAM