The Catholic Information Center has been chosen as a pilot institution for the University of Dallas Catholic Faith & Culture Program.

This program seeks to enrich the lives of Catholics by providing an intellectual formation that encompasses a breadth and depth of human culture. It explores the history, traditions and works that have shaped the Catholic inheritance, resulting in a deeply Christian portrait of the human person.

Through dialogue and a common engagement in higher-level study made accessible, the program fosters the growth of local Catholic communities and prepares their members for more thoughtful and effective participation in family, church and culture.

Once a week at the CIC participants will engage in a study of our faith that extends across the Liberal Arts philosophy, literature, fine arts, even political science.

The best UD professors and an onsite facilitator will guide you through important concepts and texts.  Through this participation in Catholic higher education made accessible, you will think more profoundly about the Catholic faith and discuss these ideas with other members of the D.C. community.

Classes are held from 6:00pm-8:30pm and include dinner and supplies.

Spring Registration is Closed.

Monday, February 4, 11, 25

Monday, March 4, 11, 18, 25

Monday, April 1, 8, 15

FAQ: Studies in Catholic Faith and Culture

Please reach out to Rosemary at

Yes. This course costs $400 dollars.

$150 Licensing Fee to University of Dallas

$250 for CIC host materials, supplies, and dinner

Missing up to three sessions is permissible, and individual circumstances may make this necessary.  Unfortunately, individual participants cannot make up missed sessions privately (though they are encouraged to discuss the material with those who did attend the session). One of the primary goals of the program is to foster community.  Just as students at the University of Dallas study the same core curriculum and have discussions on history, theology, or literature outside the classroom–while walking across campus, over lunch in the cafeteria, and over a beer on Friday night–we hope the participants in this program will have similar experiences of the power of ideas and dialogue to create bonds of communion and friendship.

While college credit is not granted for each course, the CIC can–based on attendance–grant to participants a Certificate of Completion for each course as well as a Certification in Catholic Faith & Culture upon the completion of all four program courses.

General registration opens on January 4th. Participants can register for the course by clicking the “Registration” button that will be posted on this page.


Applicants must be 21 or older.

Space is limited, so please register ASAP. Registration is first come first served.

Course 1. The Person: Life and Community will only be offered again this Spring.

Each session will run from 6:00pm-8:30pm.

There is no required homework.  We encourage participants to enter into discussions both within and beyond the session meetings.  We also encourage them to take up the recommended readings.

Applicants must be 21 or older to participate and are required to submit a paragraph detailing why they want to participate in this program.

To see a full list of involved professors please click here.

Emma Boyle will be the facilitator for this spring’s program. She is the Director of Mission and the New Evangelization at Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School in the Diocese of Arlington.  She has been working there with the Nashville Dominicans since 2010, having served both as a teacher (of English and History) and the Social Studies Department Chair.  She is able to share her love of travel and the universal Church with her students, having led several pilgrimages through western Europe.  A native of Pittsburgh, PA, Emma is a graduate of Christendom College. She is also a 2013 Leonine Fellow.


6:30pm-Video presentation

7:00pm-Small group discussion

7:30pm-Video presentation

8:00pm-Large group discussion led by the facilitator

*This schedule is subject to change

Please email Rosemary at

All course content is handled directly by the Facilitator.  Since meeting and discussing as a community is central to the program, only the Facilitator has access to the course videos in order to show them to the group.  The Facilitator is also responsible for distributing the discussion questions, text excerpts, and recommended reading lists. Materials will be given out the week before in order for participants to review the material beforehand.

University professors are the presenters in this program; thus, the content is geared toward college-level participants. However, as the professors prepared and as each session was compiled, we kept in mind that our audience would not necessarily have a college background. Through this program we are striving to make Catholic higher-education accessible.  Participants are invited to engage with the material at the level of their choosing.  Some are simply seeking an exposure to new ideas in the Catholic tradition, while others would like a deeper formation and so will read the recommended readings and perhaps even take notes and write extensive reflections on the material.

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Course Descriptions:

To learn more about the courses, program, faculty, and the University of Dallas please click here.

  • Course I    (10 Weeks)  Available Fall and Spring 2018


  • Course II    (10 Weeks)   Available Fall 2019


  • Course III    (10 Weeks)   Available Fall 2020


  • Course IV     (10 Weeks)   Available Fall 2021



“I’m finding the course really intellectually stimulating, but more importantly it has helped me explore literature, science, philosophy and society through the lens of my faith. I have only attended public schools and universities, so that’s kind of a new experience for me. The videos are great, and the discussions are lively. Plus it has been nice to get to know other Catholics with similar interests, since I don’t have many Catholic friends.” -Fall 2018 Course 1 Participant 

“I enjoyed my time at CIC very much! It was nice to have structured, dependable time to meet other DC Catholics and intentionally engage with the faith.” Fall 2018 Course 1 Participant

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the Studies in Catholic Faith and Culture program at the CIC. The course materials provide a unique insight into the shared faith among participating faculty members at University of Dallas; the prepared questions facilitate great discussion among all participants in the program; and the hosting institution and facilitator provide the appropriate professional and enthusiastic support in guiding attendees to make themost of their time in the program.” Fall 2018 Course 1 Participant 

“This course far surpassed my expectations. I am a Protestant, not a Catholic, but have been fascinated by the little I know about Catholic Theology and doctrine. I teach theology at my church, and was amazed at how much broader and deeper Catholic Theology is, and how many different disciplines are integrated in as long as they somehow enrich people’s knowledge of the divine. From this course, I’ve discovered Bishop Barron, and bought his book on Catholicism. I’ve also bought books about Catherine of Sienna and Teresa of Avlla. I feel like this course has opened a whole new world for me, and it is much appreciated.” Fall 2018 Course 1 Participant 

“The program allowed me to grow intellectually and spiritually. Both the videos and the small group discussions were helpful in thinking through how our faith and our culture are connected.” Fall 2018 Course 1 Participant 

Refund Schedule:

Before the first class:  100% refund of cost

Before the second class: 100% refund of cost minus deposit

Before the third class:  75% refund of cost minus deposit

After the third class: No Refund

Payment Schedule:

Deposit of $150 due by first class (required to participate)

Final Payment due by 8th class (late fees will incur after this point)

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