Recent Press

“Fifteen Things That Caught My Eye Today”
By Kathryn Jean Lopez –October 10, 2018
National Review

“Catholic Impact”
By Archdiocese of Washington –2018, page 30
Catholic Impact

“There are Holy Priests, Too”
By Kathryn Jean Lopez –September 17, 2018
National Review

“Trump’s speech to March for Life marks a U-turn on abortion”
By Lorraine Woellert –January 17, 2018

CIC In the News

By George Weigel– December 12, 2017
First Things

“A Fisherman on K Street”
By Mary Eberstadt– November 02, 2017
The Catholic Thing

“Thomas Joseph White Teaches Catholicism”
By Mary Eberstadt– October 10, 2017
The Catholic Thing

“What Fr. Arne Shaped”
By Hadley Arkes– July 26, 2017 
The Catholic Thing

“Nation’s capital remembers former US Opus Dei head”
By Catholic News Agency– July 24, 2017 

“Did you ever thing you’d know a saint?”
By Mary Eberstadt– July 22, 2017
The Catholic Thing

“Adoption: Why are more mothers choosing abortion over adoption?”
By Matt Hadro– May 30, 2017
Catholic Online

“An author tells the stories of local children who shared their faith before they died”
By Elizabeth A. Elliott– April 25, 2017
The Arlington Catholic Herald

“Easter and the ‘Panula Option’”
By George Weigel– April 15, 2017
National Review

“Leonine Forum in D.C. offers Catholics a new way of engaging the world”
By Christopher White– November 25, 2016

“Antonin Scalia Remembered for Moral Courage in Commitment to Rule of Law, Catholic Faith”
By Bradford Richardson– October 28, 2016
Washington Times

“Antonin Scalia Remembered for Moral Courage in Commitment to Rule of Law, Catholic Faith”
By Bradford Richardson– October 28, 2016
Washington Times

“Catholic Group Honors Antonin Scalia Posthumously for Faith Witness”
By Mark Zimmermann– October 28, 2016
National Catholic Reporter 

“Pushing Faith Out of the Public Square Now ‘Normal,’ ‘Accepted,’ Robert P. George Warns”
By Samuel Smith– October 27, 2016
Christian Post 

“The Moral Courage of Antonin Scalia”
By Anika Smith– October 27, 2016
The Stream 

“Remembering Justice Scalia, a Man of Faith”
By Elisa Cipollone– October 27, 2016

“Churches and Libraries: Foundation for the Future”
by Matthew Maule– March 17, 2015
Juicy Ecumenism

“A Second Legal Opinion on Notre Dame’s Move Today”
by Kathryn Jean Lopez– October 09, 2014
National Review Online

“NYC, DC Prayer Breakfasts Geared at New Evangelization”
October 03, 2014
Catholic News Agency

“Promoting religious freedom is ‘root’ of Middle East peace”
by Adelaide Mena– September 09, 2014
Catholic News Agency

“Papal Trip to Korea” featuring analysis from Emily Matich Duffy
August 15, 2014
EWTN News Nightly

“Leonine Forum seeks to shape future Catholic leaders in church teaching “
by Liz Essley Whyte– July 09, 2014
The Washington Post

“The Real ‘Divergents’: Young Adults Lead Defense of Traditional Marriage”
by Jonathan Liedl– April 03, 2014
National Catholic Register

“Does Business Have a Soul?”
by Kathryn Jean Lopez– March 26, 2014
National Review Online

“Five things you can learn from Pope Francis’ first year to live your faith”
by Mitch Boersma–March, 13, 2014
Fox News

“Q&A About Ash Wendesday”
by Amanda Murphy– March 04, 2014
The Washington Post

“Trappist monks’ spirituality hailed as key to business success”
by Adelaide Mena– February 26, 2014
Catholic News Agency

“The Pope of Media Miracles”
by Kathryn Jean Lopez– February 17, 2014
National Review Online

“Governing the Interior”
by Kathryn Jean Lopez– January 13, 2014
National Review Online

“Carl Schmitt: The Vision of Beauty”
by William Newton– December 03, 2013
Blog of the Courtier

“A Great Communications Workshop this Past Weekend in Washington, D.C.”
by Scott Landry– November 18, 2013
Catholic Voices USA

“Papal Biographer George Weigel Receives Blessed John Paul II Award”
by Maureen Boyle – November 06, 2013
Catholic Standard

“Evangelization training to be held blocks from the White House”
by Adelaide Mena – October 25, 2013
Catholic News Agency

“George Weigel Awarded for Works on Blessed John Paul II”
by Adelaide Mena – October 25, 2013
Catholic News Agency

“Pope Francis Reminds Us We Live in an Increasingly Cold World, Catholic Theologian George Weigel Says”
by Napp Nazworth – October 25, 2013
The Christian Post

“Benefit Concert for Thomas Peters Tonight in D.C.”
by Kathryn Lopez – August 14, 2013
 National Review Online

“I Stand with Thomas Peters. Do you?”
by Kate Bryan
Catholic Vote

“Catholic Blogger Overwhelmed by Prayers After Neck Accident”
by Adelaide Mena– August 12, 2013
National Catholic Register

“Marriage and the Law”
July 01, 2013

“Professor Says Religion, Private Life are Public Concerns”
June 5, 2013
National Catholic Register

“All Catholics are Called to Share their Faith, Cardinal Wuerl Says”
by Mark Zimmermannn – November 12, 2012
The Catholic Standard

“Cardinal Wuerl Says All Catholics called to Personal Conversion”
by Michelle Bauman – November 07, 2012
Catholic News Agency

“The Wuerl Report”
by Sophia Mason – November 06, 2012
National Catholic Register

“Essayists Say Church Teachings have Given Them
‘True Freedom’ as Women”
by Maureen Boyle – October 24, 2012
Catholic Philly – Catholic San Francisco

“The War on the War on Women”
by Mark Judge – October 22, 2012

“Scalia Explains Why Only Jews and Catholics are
on the Supreme Court”
by Erin Fuchs – October 15, 2012
Business Insider

“Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Takes Aim at the
Separation of Church and State”
by Sophia Mason – October 14, 2012
National Catholic Register

“Catholic Women Speak, I Listen”
by William Newton – October 09, 2012
Blog of the Courtier

“Escaping the Poverty Trap”
by Tyler O’Neil – June 22, 2012
Washington Free Beacon 

“Credo: Arne Panula”
by Liz Essley – June 08, 2012
The Washington Examiner 

“Cardinal Wuerl receives first Blessed John Paul II Award for the New Evangelization”
by Maureen Boyle – June 05, 2012
The Catholic Standard