About the Leonine Forum

Through a competitive application process, Leonine Fellows are chosen from the emerging generation of promising leaders in the public and private sectors across the greater Washington area. During this year long program of intellectual and spiritual seriousness, the Leonine Forum educates these men and women in the core tenets of Catholic Social Teachings and its practical applications in public policy.

Intellectual Formation

Through a curriculum that emphasizes primary Church documents and practical secondary analyses, Leonine Fellows will gain an intellectual foundation in Christian Anthropology, Natural Law Theory, Metaphysics, Virtue Ethics, and Catholic Social Teaching. 

As Leonine Fellows expand on their knowledge of the tenets of the Social Teaching of the Church, they will examine how those core teachings apply to emerging policy issues including immigration, health care, business ethics, religious liberty, homeland security, and bioethics.

In monthly sessions led by Catholic thought leaders from around the greater Washington area, Leonine Fellows will grapple with some of the most important questions at the intersection of Catholicism and public life. Learn more.

Cultural Engagement

Leonine Fellows will have the unique opportunity to receive media training and will be provided opportunities to practice and enhance those skills at CIC sponsored events and other venues.

Through their interactions with each other and with the lecturers, Leonine Fellows will have the opportunity to develop a fully-integrated professional persona, and enter into a community of like-minded professionals equally committed to the cause of reintroducing the tenets of the Social Teachings of the Church into the political, policy, legal, business, and cultural activities of society.

Spiritual Development

Living a fully-integrated Catholic life is an activity not only of the mind, but also of the body and spirit. Accordingly, Leonine Fellows will have the chance to supplement these intellectual endeavors with opportunities for spiritual development.

Community Service

“To love God and your neighbor is not something abstract, but profoundly concrete: it means seeing in every person the face of the Lord to be served, to serve him concretely. And you are dear brothers and sisters, the face of Jesus.” –Pope Francis

Understanding that we are called to love our brothers and sisters, Leonine Fellows have the opportunity to participate in service work as a group through Catholic Charities in Washington DC on a regular basis.

Contact Us

 For more information, contact Mitch Boersma at mitch.boersma@cicdc.org