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Press your hands to your forehead, and squeeze your eyes shut, and think back to your childhood — not to the vault of lived memories — think back to the things you have read. What is the first book you remember loving? Was it a picture book, the one with brilliant colors and gentle rythms, that your mother…


Saint Nicholas Books

TITLE: Saint Nicholas: The Story of the Real Santa Claus AUTHOR: Mary Joslin ILLUSTRATOR: Helen Cann PUBLISHED BY: Pauline Books Just in time for St. Nick’s Day, here’s a lovely retelling of the legend of Saint Nicholas, who becomes, of course, Santa Claus. This one, I love, because of the vibrant immediacy of the story, and the lovely illustrations….


The Story of Christmas by Barbara Cooney and Loretta Krupinski

 TITLE: The Story of Christmas AUTHOR: Barbara Cooney ILLUSTRATOR: Loretta Krupinski PUBLISHED BY: Harper Collins, 1995 Well, as long as we are talking about Barbara Cooney (who, I am discovering, had quite the Christmas Book repertoire), I thought I’d like to bring to your attention her The Story of Christmas.  Originally, she wrote and illustrated this book (though, I understand, it…