bookfriends1Press your hands to your forehead, and squeeze your eyes shut, and think back to your childhood — not to the vault of lived memories — think back to the things you have read. What is the first book you remember loving? Was it a picture book, the one with brilliant colors and gentle rythms, that your mother read to you (day after day) at nap-time? Was it an adventure story you read cover to cover one summer afternoon, completely oblivious to the world around you.

Perhaps you cannot recall every detail of the plot, or recite passages of it by heart, be it Mother Goose, or The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, but the characters and places are so vivid to your mind that they may as well be sitting here with you, sharing a pot of tea. You may not even realize their influence on you. But, think back and you’ll still feel the jump in your heart at a tragic turn of events; you still laugh at the memory of a silly rhyme; and you can describe exactly how you imagined the bold young hero when you first met him. Such is the power of the books in shaping the mind and imagination of a child.

And there are thousands of wonderful books to read and share. Here at CIC Kids, we seek to highlight some of the best children’s books available — be it a silly board book, a thrilling adventure tale, a richly illustrated saint’s biography, or a well loved classic — thereby helping you cultivate in your children the rich imagination of a fertile and active mind.


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Maggie Perry

Margaret Perry, Contributor

Margaret E. Perry is an avid reader and collector of children’s literature. In 2009 she started a blog to promote children’s books of exceptional beauty in both illustration and narrative, books that cultivate a sense of wonder, and hopefully have a touch of whimsy and silliness. Her writings on children’s literature have been published in First Things and St. Austin Review. A native of California, she currently lives in Virginia, where she makes jam, and writes. Her favorite children’s books are: Peter Pan and WendyThe Search for Delicious, and A Hole Is to Dig