Integrating Faith and Work

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Below is an excerpt from an article written by Mitch Boersma, Chief Operating Officer at the Catholic Information Center, published in Fox News

Pope FrancisWe’re called to live out our faith all the time. And make no mistake; living out your faith is work. (In his apostolic letter The Joy of the Gospel, Francis uses the word work 100 times, in one form or another.)

But for those who spend the majority of their waking hours at their other full-time job – namely, their job – this can be a daunting task.  Especially so for those in leadership roles within an organization. 

How can you balance the needs of getting your job done well, but also living out your faith in a meaningful way?

Well, what better resource than Pope Francis himself for a few pointers on how business leaders can integrate faith and work. Sure, it’s his job to do that. But remember, it’s yours, too.

Here are five tips from Francis’ to bring your faith to work:

1. It’s about more than personality

Many successful businesses are marked by the cult-like status of their leadership – think Steve Jobs, or Jeff Bezos, or Jack Welch. It’s tempting to view the success of Pope Francis through this lens, as a dynamic leader, through the sheer force of his personality, deliberately recasting the Catholic Church in a positive light for the whole world to see.

But Francis understands that personality driven leadership can only take you so far.  

In a recent interview he spoke of his desire to deflate the “mythology” of his papacy: “The pope is a man who laughs, cries, sleeps calmly and has friends like everyone. A normal person.”  A visionary can bring people into the fold, but it’s the vision that will keep them around.

2. Lead by serving

True leadership then, Pope Francis reminds us, is “not so much about speaking, but rather speaking with our whole lives: living consistently, the very consistency of our lives.”   

There’s a certain irony here, given that Pope Francis’ unique pastoral style of speaking is in many ways a perfect fit for our sound-bite age (with the Vatican doing a good job of catch-up – releasing an ebook of some Pope Francis best quotes from the past year).

But more importantly, Francis embodies a near platonic ideal of the servant leadership model — from washing the feet of female prisoners to embracing the disfigured, disabled and downtrodden, to any number of small acts of kindness that have warmed hearts around the globe.

And its clear — to believers and non-believers alike – that Francis does these things from an authentic desire to….

Read the full article here.

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